Hidden 10X Social Change II: Human decisions are now a rarity

Of all the decisions made in the world today, if we consider them all the evaluations of if-then statements, human made decisions are a rare category. Most decisions now are made by non-biological entities, and probably have for quite some time. Sure, most of these decisions were programmed by people, so if we try to trace decisions back, most of them are human implemented. Or at least many. But that is also changing with the many task-specific AIs we see emerging. That means that we probably have, or will soon, pass the threshold where for every human decision 10 decisions are made by autonomous systems. And that share will grow quickly. We are building an algorithm subconscious of the world, where all of our animal spirits will get free reign.

3 thoughts on “Hidden 10X Social Change II: Human decisions are now a rarity

  1. About 80% of all transactions on the many different electronic stock exchanges around the world are accounted for by algorithms. Many see this as a problem (cant compete with robots), some think it might be the cause of problems (flash crashes) and some see it as a great invention that brings liquidity, increased transparency and greater efficiency to the marketplace. Anyway, interesting development of the markets that has been in motion since the 1980′s circa (DE Shaw). The derivatives market alone is a $600+ trillion market (BIS), quite the impact.

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